Apple Shares (AAPL)

Apple shares are portions of the Apple company that are divided and purchased. Owners of Apple stock purchased the stock at a share price and this makes them entitled to a portion of the companies profits when they decide to sell their shares. However, NASDAQ: aapl has had a precarious year, dropping by 10% in the first week of trading. That said, nasdaq: aapl was up by 57% in November of 2019. The Apple stock price has peaks and troughs all the time, often coinciding with the release of a new iPhone or another piece of technology.

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Investors can expect to see an increase in dividends by May of 2020

Apple is able to influence the earnings in accordance to share numbers as they have the capital to undertake massive stock buybacks. This year alone, Tim Cook’s team bought back $18 billion of their own AAPL stock in the last quarter. Allowing Apple to report a record high, ultimately enticing more investors.

Apple shareholders are often excited about the release of Apples earnings report. This year’s services section showed a record amount of quarterly revenue, which had increased by 18% since 2018. The amount published showed a $12.5 billion increase.

Another feature is that Apple is constantly improving and expanding its services, such as App Store and iTunes, these services ensure a steady flow of profits which are good for shareholders.


The popularity of the iPhone is well documented throughout modern history. With hordes of enthusiasts camping overnight to purchase the latest model. Apple has always been known for its technical innovation. Their recent development of Apple TV, advanced MacBook model releases, and dedication to innovation make them one of the leading tech companies. Investors should embrace the opportunity and invest while the company is still making progress on a global scale.

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