Monfex Trading Platform: User Reviews

On the internet you can find countless reviews about our Monfex platform, at least half of which look like comments from our competitors, and opinions of people who have not even created a free account on our platform. We support healthy competition That is why we haven’t added our own opinions, but only tried to find out what exactly people did not like. Unfortunately, in most cases we haven’t received answers with any specific problems.

To get real user reviews about our platform, for a while we offered a trade bonus for the feedback left, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. Here are the real Monfex users’ opinions and reviews of the platform

Here are the real users opinions of the platform Monfex Customer Reviews
Ade Visser
38 years old, Utrecht, Netherlands

I created an account on the Monfex platform in April 2019. First, I didn't want to make a deposit, but to learn how to use the platform and I used the demo account and tutorial available on the site. Earlier, I didn't trade stocks and cryptocurrencies, so I didn't want to risk the real money.

I got acquainted with technical analysis a little bit and after a month or two I deposited 50 dollars. The disadvantage of the platform is that to trade stocks and currencies, the minimum deposit amount is around 250 USD. However, for cryptocurrency trading the minimum amount is just a dollar. I made some money, lost some, but overall I was on the plus. I deposited $500 and later $700 more.

I created my own strategy and use risk management rules, which is why I haven’t lost a lot of money, but I also haven’t earned too much. I earn around 200-300 dollars almost passively every month. One day I managed to earn $1300 (with the leverage you can increase profit by multiple times, but also lose it all). The platform is very convenient to use, I highly recommend it. I hope that Monfex will start adding news about new and "old" cryptocurrencies again.

Maria Soares Santos
27 years old, Coimbra, Portugal

I don't know much about trading on stock exchanges and it was a bit difficult at the beginning. On the platform you can find a lot of information to learn trade, but at the very beginning it was difficult.

Many people around me talked about cryptocurrencies, which is why I wanted to make some money from this trend. My husband was once interested in stock trading and explained to me how it all worked more or less.

After that, I had a general idea about how to trade online and started learning more about it. I know that I still have many strategies and tools to master. For now, I use moving averages, channels and breakthrough levels and this allows me to earn some money. In the last month I earned a little over 200 dollars spending just about 15 hours on trade. I think it's pretty good for trading something I've never seen or touched. The platform is quite intuitive, so even for a not very technical person everything is quite logical.

Paul Hendrix
32 years old, Chester, UK

Monfex is my favorite trading platform. There are very few comparable platforms to trade on the stock market, and even more so for cryptocurrency trading. Of course, they all have their pros and cons, but I have been trading stocks, currencies and cryptocurrencies for many years (cryptocurrencies less than the other two) and in my opinion Monfex is the most convenient trading platform I’ve seen so far.

Neil Svensson
21 years old, Nyköping, Sweden

I set up an account on monfex, deposited 100 dollars, bought some bitcoins and lost half of this sum one day, when its price fell. I contacted the support and asked how it is possible, because the price of bitcoin only fell by about 7-9%, and I lost almost 50%. Fortunately, I quickly got an answer.

It turned out that I used leverage, which means that both profits and losses increase by several times and that you need to use stop-loss and take-profit instruments so that you do not lose more than the limit you set.

I think there is no introduction here to all these financial things like in games right after installing them. The platform is quite easy to use but I don't know much about all these instruments. I found a tutorial on the website, I hope this helps.

David Lewis
45 years old, Rochester, UK

A very good trading platform. Everything is relatively simple and intuitive, there is nothing excessive like on some other American platforms. However, before starting to trade, I advise new users to learn the basics of technical analysis, risk and money management. When trading with a leverage it is easy to lose the entire deposit. wpłaty.

Joachim Becker
32 years old, Munster, Germany

Good platform, lots of learning materials, quick support (I contacted them twice, both times I got the answer the same day). It's a shame there are fewer cryptocurrency updates now, and one more disadvantage is that the stock trading threshold is $250. I wanted to start with a smaller amount. Maybe I will make this payment soon because I want to invest in Amazon stocks.

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