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Trading Academy

Learn how to make money with Monfex
How Constant Practice Improves Your Profitability

It’s clear that having a good idea of how your trading plan will fare under real market conditions is a crucial aspect of success. In order to have that idea, practice is essential...

Monfex Webinar: Beyond The Charts

See the Monfex platform in action!

The Importance of Maintaining Discipline In Trading

Taking a loss can be a hard thing to stomach, and will often cause you to lose confidence in your trading plan. But maintaining the discipline to see a plan through past those loss...

Contributing Factors In a Successful Trading Plan

There are a lot of different moving parts to consider when setting up a trading plan. The factors that play a role in your trading plan are trading experience, your available time,...

How to Build a Successful Trading Plan

Trading plans should always be made out of clear and concise rules that dictate your trading strategy. When you have the details of how exactly you enter into trades, you can then...

Identifying Your Trading Risk Profile

Risk management is one of the most important factors of any successful trading plan.

How to Improve your Crypto Trading with Leverage

Traditional investment is a sound strategy to grow your profits in crypto, but leverage offers a way to transcend those limitations

Top 5 Coins To Trade

The ability to select cryptos that are best suitable for active trading is especially important for aspiring traders.

Managing Risk When Trading Cryptos

In this article we’d want to focus on market risk and discuss how to manage market risks when trading cryptos.

Crypto-currencies Versus Crypto-derivatives

In this article we’d want to discuss the differences between crypto-currencies and crypto-derivatives.

How Commissions Work At Monfex

Understanding exactly what you’re paying for is an important matter for every trader.

What Is Speculative Crypto Trading

Significant price trends on major cryptocurrencies, measured in thousands of percent, made it possible for astute traders to earn substantial gains.

Leverage in Cryptocurrency Trading

Here we’d like to share with you some critical knowledge about leverage. Understanding the mechanics of leverage is essential for successful trading.

What are Perpetual Crypto Futures?

Crypto futures are contracts that you enter into with another market participant. These contracts allow you to put up a fraction of the price of the instrument that you want to buy...

Benefits of Perpetual Crypto Futures

Perpetual Futures are a special type of Futures contract that have no expiration date. Discover for yourself all benefits from perpetual crypto futures.