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Monfex Is Expanding Its Range of Trading Instruments

The Monfex platform has added new trading tools. If previously you could trade only cryptocurrencies, now you have an opportunity to use Forex instruments, indices, commodities, an...

Improving Fundamentals Give Bitcoin a Bright Future

Bitcoin reached a major milestone What is this milestone? What other fundamentals have improved? What about other cryptos?

The TOP 5 Insights From The Facebook’s Libra White Paper

Facebook has officially announced the details of its cryptocurrency project Libra and released a whitepaper explaining the technical aspects of the currency and its blockchain syst...

Facebook Is The World’s Most Powerful Bank of Tomorrow

Facebook Is The World’s Most Powerful Bank of Tomorrow

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card to Fund Your Monfex Account!

Monfex Introduces the Ability to Purchases Crypto With Your Credit Card to Deposit In Your Trading Account

Zero Commission Trading Is Now Live on Monfex!

Starting now, and until July 1st, Monfex is offering ZERO commission trading!

Monfex Adds More Ways To Trade Crypto Futures With USDT And ETH!

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding access to our trading accounts, by adding two new deposit methods to our trading accounts - Tether (USDT), and Ethereum (ETH). W...

Latest Trade Ideas & Analysis

For the week ahead, our last week’s recommendation remains valid. We confirm that our view of Bitcoin’s future trend remains positive over the medium-term.

Latest Crypto News

This week has seen a number of encouraging developments in the crypto world, from major international financial institutions starting blockchain projects, to signs of legislative s...

Latest Trade Ideas & Analysis

Over the last week, Bitcoin has surged up by $1,070 to $5,240 per Bitcoin, equivalent to an astonishing 25.7% week-over-week growth! On a daily timeframe for BTC/USD, technical ana...

Latest Crypto News

In addition to Bitcoin price surging up 25.7% w/w and the trade volumes of major altcoins increasing as well, this week was a good one for the broad blockchain industry. Here are t...

Bitcoin surges up 22% in one hour. The trend is UP and accelerating.

Today’s 22% price jump for BTC/USD has generated a lot of buzz, but what’s immediately apparent is a rising trend up.

Latest Crypto News

This week has seen numerous developments in the cryptocurrency world, including growing adoption for mainstream businesses and major bank partnerships. While Bitcoin price movement...

Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Heading Upwards

On a daily timeframe for BTC/USD, technical analysis tools generate an upward trend recommendation with the forecast horizon of 1 week. Technical indicators and chart patterns indi...

Ton Coin Could Generate Up To 4 Billion in Net Revenue for Telegram by 2022

Today's social media relies mostly on ads for revenue. But Telegram's TON Coin could change that - and a comparison with WeChat's payment processor could be why