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The 2019 Crypto Winter Might Be Starting But Derivatives Can Still Pull Through

Bitcoin Price May Hibernate Before Waking Up to Halving Pump Crypto Derivatives Could Pull Crypto Into the Mainstream Trading Spotlight: Crypto Mining

Bitcoin’s growing international profile and maturity signals long-term outlook

Bitcoin Goes Global as Twitter CEO Takes Aim at Africa. Bitcoin Continues Financial Ecosystem Integration with Futures Options and New Funds. Trading Spotlight: Options

Chinese Praise for Bitcoin Strengthens Long-term Outlook

Chinese State Media Praises Bitcoin Ahead of Digital Currency Launch. Good News for Bitcoin Still Lagging in Bitcoin Price. Trading Spotlight: Hard Forks

China’s new crypto moves boost Bitcoin up 40%

Bitcoin’s Back and Touching $10,000 China’s Crypto Plans Move Forward Trading Spotlight: Fundamental Analysis

Bad news for crypto, but institutional investors aren’t letting opportunities pass by

Bitcoins Plunges while Bakkt Volumes Set Records Telegram and Libra Aren’t Out of the Picture Yet Trading Spotlight: Bears and Bulls

Bitcoin’s recovery is on the horizon, and retailers start branching out into crypto payments

Bitcoin’s Recovery Avoids Possible Bear Trap Cryptos Are Poised for Mass Adoption Despite Libra and Telegram Trading Spotlight: Moving Averages

Bitcoin is Taking a Beating, but Traders Can Still Make a Profit

Bad News is Pushing Bitcoin Down Libra Loses Big Names but Finds New Partners Trading Spotlight: Initial Coin Offering

Clarity in Crypto Regulation and Taxes Makes Trading Easier

The long debate over whether the most well-known cryptos are securities or commodities is over...and it seems like the ball is squarely in the ‘commodity’ court. That’s according t...

Bitcoin Bears and Regulations: Where Bitcoin is Headed for the Winter

Bitcoin dips below $8,000 for 24 hours before rising back to $8,000 – driven by a buy signal. There’s been a surge of Bitcoin optimism lately, despite the fall that’s seen the cryp...