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The Santa Claus Rally is in Full Swing as Dow Jones Gains 100 points

Boeing and China Lead Massive Dow Rally Euro Quiets Down as Markets Go Quiet Near the End of the Year Trading Spotlight: Santa Claus Rally

US oil inventory shortfall pushes crude prices up above $60 a barrel

Oil Prices at Three-Month High Due to Declining US Inventories Political Uncertainty in the United States Pushes Gold Up Trading Spotlight: Hedging

A ‘Phase One’ trade deal is causing markets to rejoice, but the U.K. is still on the hook for Brexit

An End to the China-US Trade War in Sight With Phase One Adoption Pound Rallies Following U.K. Election But Brexit Still Looms Large Trading Spotlight: Tariffs

Trade War remains the determining factor for stock, oil prices as the year ends

Fed Holds The Course and Signals No Rate Cuts in 2020 Aramco Launches World’s Largest IPO But OPEC Production Still Faces Cuts Trading Spotlight: LIBOR

U.S. China Trade War Causes Market Uncertainty but Strengthens Pound

China Tariffs Cause 100 Point Fall in Dow The Pound Sterling Isn’t Close to Dollar Parity Quite Yet Trading Spotlight: Currency Swaps

Equities see short-term rallies as ‘Phase 1’ of a USA - China trade deal looms on the horizon

S&P 500 Gains Thanks to Trade Deal Rumors but 2020 Still Looks Grim Trade War Uncertainty Boosts Gold 15% This Year Alone Trading Spotlight: Treasuries

Manufacturing woes and OPEC rumors – the latest news driving oil and stocks

Manufacturing Numbers Cause the Dow to Plummet OPEC Rumors Drive Higher Oil Prices Trading Spotlight: Initial Public Offerings

Massive Gains in 2020 for Bitcoin Even With a Crypto Winter

The Crypto Winter Bottom Has Yet to be Found Bitcoin Futures Are Surging Despite Crash Trading Spotlight: Exchange-Traded Fund

Top crypto names are long on Bitcoin, while derivatives gain regulatory acceptance in Singapore

Bitcoin’s Short Term Crash Doesn’t Negate Long-Term Gains, Say Experts Singapore On Cusp of Regulating Crypto Derivatives Trading Spotlight: Regulation

The 2019 Crypto Winter Might Be Starting But Derivatives Can Still Pull Through

Bitcoin Price May Hibernate Before Waking Up to Halving Pump Crypto Derivatives Could Pull Crypto Into the Mainstream Trading Spotlight: Crypto Mining

Bitcoin’s growing international profile and maturity signals long-term outlook

Bitcoin Goes Global as Twitter CEO Takes Aim at Africa. Bitcoin Continues Financial Ecosystem Integration with Futures Options and New Funds. Trading Spotlight: Options

Chinese Praise for Bitcoin Strengthens Long-term Outlook

Chinese State Media Praises Bitcoin Ahead of Digital Currency Launch. Good News for Bitcoin Still Lagging in Bitcoin Price. Trading Spotlight: Hard Forks

China’s new crypto moves boost Bitcoin up 40%

Bitcoin’s Back and Touching $10,000 China’s Crypto Plans Move Forward Trading Spotlight: Fundamental Analysis