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Trading Academy

Learn how to make money with Monfex
How Commissions Work At Monfex

Understanding exactly what you’re paying for is an important matter for every trader.

What Is Speculative Crypto Trading

Significant price trends on major cryptocurrencies, measured in thousands of percent, made it possible for astute traders to earn substantial gains.

Leverage in Cryptocurrency Trading

Here we’d like to share with you some critical knowledge about leverage. Understanding the mechanics of leverage is essential for successful trading.

What are Perpetual Crypto Futures?

Crypto futures are contracts that you enter into with another market participant. These contracts allow you to put up a fraction of the price of the instrument that you want to buy...

Benefits of Perpetual Crypto Futures

Perpetual Futures are a special type of Futures contract that have no expiration date. Discover for yourself all benefits from perpetual crypto futures.

Trading Cryptocurrency Short

If you believe that the price of a certain asset will decrease, you can potentially make a profit by selling that asset ‘short’. In traditional markets such as the stock market, se...