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We founded Monfex with one mission - to simplify and revolutionize the way people interact with financial markets, by making trading and investment accessible and inclusive for everyone. This doesn’t just mean making trading easy to use - it means giving our clients the content they need to understand investing.

That's where you come in.

If you have a passion for creating interesting and professional content about trading, investing and fintech, we would love to share it

You’ll be well compensated for your work - the better and more specialized the content, the more you’ll receive in return.

*ACHTUNG: Please CLICK HERE to find out read what we need and what we don’t, to understand the specific types of content we’re looking for.

What We Need

As a dynamic and rapidly growing company, Monfex has a lot of content that needs writing.

We offer two formats for cooperation: one-off tasks and a long-term partnership.

One-off tasks

entail receiving single assignments with strict guidelines

Long-term partnership

will provide you with a set quantity of content per week.

One-off Tasks

Sponsored content for Forbes, Medium and other publications

This is intended to be professional high-quality content with the elements of research, analysis and/or expert opinions. It should offer an original viewpoint that is corroborated by facts.

Educational articles

Educational articles are intended to be short and cover a single financial topic or definition for use on our Trading Academy and Glossary on, ranging from 800-1000 words.

PR Comprehensive Guides and E-books

This content should include long-form guides and e-books (up to 6,000 words) that are intended to convey a broad, factual overview of a specific topic in trading, investments, and finance.

PR articles

These are intended to be articles about industry comparisons, success stories, and other promotional material. We encourage creativity and original ideas, so feel free to send us your ideas for top-quality PR content.

Daily investment ideas

These are intended to be relatively short (15-30 second of read time) analysis of major market movements and corporate news to be published on

Daily technical analysis

This is technical analysis based on technical indicators and chart patterns on major stocks and currencies.

Have great ideas for PR?

If you are interested in investments and trading, have a good sense of the fintech industry and its major players, and have a great idea for PR to promote Monfex - feel free to propose or pitch your own PR or sponsored content ideas!

Submission guidelines

The following guidelines are mandatory for all submitted articles:

Article length should be as specified by our content team and depends on content type

Article should be written in Google Docs and all links should provide ‘Edit Access’

Content should be unique. We use Grammarly to check for plagiarism and copied content

All content should be competently written, without grammatical or spelling errors. Facts and opinions should be strictly delineated.

All content should adhere to the policies outlined in our Style Guide

All content should be competently written, without grammatical or spelling errors. Facts and opinions should be strictly delineated.

We look forward to working with you!