BITCOIN: Getting ready to break in either direction

Dear trader!

Here is the quick Monfex market analysis update.

Trend analysis

The price is starting to consolidate near the $11,800 mark. Reaching higher lows and lower highs, this may indicate a break out in either direction.  Volatility is decreasing and the  RSI is showing downward momentum. 

The fast  EMA (200) is starting to make a sideways move, but still showing momentum for Bitcoin . 

The current trend broke below the bottom trend line of the trend that was established on July 30. This is could mean it is forming a new trend, but with the aforementioned factors taken into account, we could see some heavy movement in either direction. 


What To Watch

Watch for a break above $12,100. If this happens, we could see some good momentum upwards. If the price falls below $11,500 we could see a new downward trend headed to the nearest support of $11,100

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