Bitcoin: Can't Break Resistance, So Headed to Support

Here is the quick Monfex market analysis update.  

Trend analysis 
The overall trend does not look too good for  Bitcoin . It keeps getting rejected after $12,000 and it may start settling down towards its  resistance level at $11,000. The hope for seeing Bitcoin break passed $12,000 to over $13,000 (if it reaches this it confirms a new upward trend) is starting to fade. Get ready for a strong pullback towards the resistance.  

The  RSI is showing a loss of momentum and a trip to the oversold range. The fast  EMA (100) still has an upward trend, but it is starting to make a move sideways and we may see a  bearish crosss over. 

What To Watch 
If the price goes under $11,500 it would break through the bottom trend line of the established long term trend and confirm a new short term trend channel going down. 

What To Consider 
If the price cracks $12,400 then we are in Bull country. At that point, we could be headed to $13,200 (strong resistance). But with the rejects at $12,000 we are most likely looking at a further  drop to the $11,000  support area .  

Active Trade Signal: 
- Sell (Put) at $11,600  
- Stop-loss at $12,000  
- Take-profit at $10,800  
- Risk/reward ratio: 1:3 (very attractive) 

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