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UPWARD TREND: Will We See $10,700 Today?

Bitcoin is gaining momentum, and we could see $10,700 by the end of the day.

After a sharp fall on August 21st, we have finally reached our support line

After a bounce off the support line, we are starting to see some nice green candles which may indicate a new trend forming.

Bitcoin Daily Analysis, Aug 21st, 2019

After the Bitcoin price dropped to $9,800 on August 15th, it then started to maintain a steady upward trend lasting for 5 days until the 20th.

BITCOIN’S Next Target is $13K (or $8K?) Watch for these SIGNALS!

A triangle is forming on the long term chart. After the bounce down to $9,500 was rejected, we are now reaching higher lows as well as lower highs.

Latest Monfex market analysis

A beautiful ascending triangle formed on the 4-hour timeframe chart, which indicated a break in either direction

BITCOIN: Getting ready to break in either direction

The price is starting to consolidate near the $11,800 mark.

BITCOIN: New Upward Trend Forming, Could We Hit $12,000 Again?

After the symmetrical triangle formed, we saw a sharp break downwards.

Bitcoin: Can't Break Resistance, So Headed to Support

The overall trend does not look too good for Bitcoin. It keeps getting rejected after $12,000 and it may start settling down towards its resistance level at $11,000.

RISING: After a pullback, Bitcoin is continuing with trend

The pullback we mentioned in Monfex`s last TA came and now Bitcoin is now reestablishing a past trend. With a strong rejection at $12,000 the price has dropped close to its support...

RESISTANCE: Trading strategy on resistance and support

Bitcoin is starting to consolidate close to the $10,000 resistance area . This is the third time this week that the 10k price was tested.

BITCOIN Surges While US Stocks Tumble On Trump’s Tweet!

Bitcoin (+7.9%) and US 10Y Treasuries (+1.3%) SURGE while US stocks (-2.0%) TUMBLE on President Trump’s abrupt escalation of a trade war.

BITCOIN: Prepare for a pullback and then a new high

Bitcoin is on a considerable run headed towards the next resistance mark of $13,000. The fast EMA (200) shows a bullish price crossover, and now the fast EMA (200) is below the cur...

Bitcoin is moving UP to new HIGHS! Watch for these SIGNALS

Bitcoin is on a considerable run headed towards the next resistance mark of $13,000. The fast EMA (5) has shown a bullish price crossover with a slow EMA (20) on Aug 2. Now the...