The following “Deposit Bonus” Terms and Conditions apply only to deposits made into Monfex trading accounts between May 1, 2019 12:00:00 GST and May 31, 2019 23:59:59 GST (“Promotional Period”).

Deposits made during the promotional period will be eligible to receive a 10% deposit bonus (“Bonus”) at the time of deposit.

Accounts cannot be combined.

The maximum deposits amount eligible for a Bonus are:

  • 3 BTC
  • ETH - no maximum amount
  • USDT - no maximum amount

In order for Bonus funds to become eligible for withdrawal, an account must trade a minimum volume of:

Bonus Funds / .001.

For example,

A client deposited 1 BTC during the Promotional Period into client’s Monfex trading account and received a 0.1 BTC bonus, the account must trade a minimum volume of 100 BTC (0.1 / 0.001) to be eligible to withdraw the Bonus amount and any income earned from Bonus funds.

If during 1 month from the day the Bonus is credited until the minimum trade volume conditions are met:

  • there is no trading activity on the client’s account
  • the current equity of the client’s account does not exceed the amount of the Bonus received

Monfex reserves the right to debit Bonus funds, as well as all income received on the client’s account using Bonus funds without notice.

Any accounts suspected of fraud or manipulation with the purpose of reaching the minimum trade volume or otherwise will be adjusted and closed at Monfex’s discretion.

Participation in a Monfex promotional offer is a privilege, and Monfex reserves the right to deny a Bonus to any account at its sole discretion.

Monfex reserves the right to provide exclusive bonuses to certain clients from time to time.

Monfex reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions, Promotional Period, or cancel the Bonus at any time.

Any accounts that have breached the Monfex Terms of Service or Privacy Policy are not eligible for promotions or bonuses and may be closed.